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Heal the Holiday Blues with Joy and Gratitude

Thriving over just surviving I recently saw a meme on Facebook that read, “Please remember that the holidays are not a happy season for everyone.” I hear that often, and unfortunately, it’s common to let the holidays stress us out, especially if we’re missing someone. My firstborn and only daughter, Sarah, was born on Christmas [...]

Healing from loss and grief

If you’re like a lot of people in 21st-Century Western culture, you were not taught how to deal with death or grief over loss.  Most likely you were told to “bootstrap it”, “buck up” or to “get over it and move on” with little thought to any trauma you might have experienced or feelings you [...]

I thought I was losing my mind again.

For years I had been trying to use my mind to heal my mind. I made huge advancements at first – healing my body of all the toxicity and health challenges created by pharmaceutical drugs. After only 3 years I was able to get rid of 90% of my health issues, heal my liver, drop [...]

Learning to float with grief

Grief is a process. It doesn’t matter how many funerals you’ve been to, wether their death was sudden and unexpected or long and drawn out, or how “well” you process the passing of someone you love, there is always a process and it will most likely be different every time. As I see it, I [...]

Even welcome change can be temporarily uncomfortable

Change is hard.  I am currently on a journey to create new eating habits and take back my health.  Day 3 of any change in diet starts to create an effect on the whole body. The 30 day program I am on is designed to detox your digestive system and with that can come a [...]

When thoughts and feelings are working together

Have you ever been in a social situation where one person seems to love talking about how sick or how exhausted they are?  They can drain your energy like a vampire, sucking it right from you! I like being able to answer the question, “How are you?” authentically and honestly without draining my energy or [...]

What is Faith Healing?

Someone comment on my Facebook ad commented, “Oh goodie! A local faith healer!”   I can see how the image of the woman’s body responding to breath disturbed him. And I wonder who’s definition of faith he is using to define “faith” healer? I do know that Higher Brain Living is about awakening the dormant [...]

A healthy prefrontal cortex helps kids make better choices.

Have you ever seen a toddler or a teen melt down? Like pretty much everything, this all comes back to the brain and what it needs to take things in, process, and decide on the best course of action. And as with all of us, the more tools we have, the better chance we have [...]

This is your brain on sleep

Scientists used to think that our brains switched off when we weren’t awake — out like a light, as the saying goes — but nothing could be further from the truth. As it turns out, when we enter sleep, our brains begin a highly orchestrated, intricate symphony of complex activities that make everything about our [...]

Getting unstuck so you can move forward

We are in what many people feel is an in-between season. The rush of the New Year has passed, often along with the determination to keep resolutions. And Spring seemed to arrive late, especially for those on the east coast. If you live in a wintry place, this sense of limbo can feel especially stark: [...]

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