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Even welcome change can be temporarily uncomfortable

Change is hard.  I am currently on a journey to create new eating habits and take back my health.  Day 3 of any change in diet starts to create an effect on the whole body. The 30 day program I am on is designed to detox your digestive system and with that can come a drain in energy, a change in elimination and a shift in mood.

This type of change can be uncomfortable and discouraging.  To get through a change already in motion, it’s important to remember:

1. This is temporary.Even welcome change can be temporarily uncomfortable
It may last a few days or a few weeks depending on what new habit your are creating/old habit your are detoxing.  In our example of physical detox, at the worst it can last several days as the body adjusts and becomes more comfortable with the new schedule and foods.

2. Keep focused on your goal.
Why are you creating this new habit? You get what you focus on, so focus on your outcome already achieved. Have you put your goal in your timeline and seen it completed? Do you focus on it? Do you FEEL it’s yours when you continue to take action?

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to make a picture of your result in your mind and write out your goal as if it’s already happening in your life, using present tense, positive language. Give yourself a vivid image of your outcome achieved, include sights, sounds and feelings.

3. Create an anchor to remind you of the feeling you have now that your goal is achieved. An anchor is simply a neurological connection between a stimulus and a certain emotional response. You can use that anchor help you when your mood or your motivation takes a temporary dip

In NLP there is a powerful process to create anchors which allow you to enter a resourceful state on demand.  This is a simple and easy process to help you feel strong positive emotions at the push of a button and can be learned quickly and easily in a coaching session.

Creating a new habit can be challenging. And when you have the right tools and mastery of the subconscious mind, you can choose to make it quick and easy.

If you need help with creating your goals or learning simple and fast tools like anchoring, find out if you qualify for my special 3 week introductory coaching package with a free Empowerment Discovery Session.  Find out more about coaching options and sign up for your free Discovery Session.

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