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Learning to float with grief

Grief is a process.

It doesn’t matter how many funerals you’ve been to, wether their death was sudden and unexpected or long and drawn out, or how “well” you process the passing of someone you love, there is always a process and it will most likely be different every time. As I see it, I either flow with it or against it. I prefer to float.

Everyone says to “Be Strong”

In my experience with grief, I am much better when I don’t try to “be strong”. I just feel what I feel in the moment, sob it out or scream like a toddler who’s not getting her way! In a life well lived, grief and sadness come in waves same as joy and bliss. How big or consistent those waves are is my choice.  It’s not what happens outside myself that matters. It’s about how I experience it that determines Learning to float with griefthe height of those waves.  

In those times of grief, I also allow waves of brilliant and joyful memories with my loved one. I am reminded they are alive in me, forever in my heart.

My own healing and return of flow comes when I turn a thought to my Truth. Knowing with certainty and conviction that every moment is Divinely inspired and all is well.

When I turn to those thoughts, I have a completely different view. My grief sadness turns to a sense of freedom and joy that fills me with breath -inspires me. I learn to float on those waves and they settle down easily.

I Am at Peace.

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