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Awaken Slimmer

The connection between mind and body is a two-way street. You cannot nurture one without affecting the other.

We affirm that diet and exercise are vital components of creating a healthy lifestyle. But along with helping you establish these healthy new habits, we have something to offer that no one else can.

What if…there was something to give you a big boost in the right direction? Something that gave you immediate results so you could get a running head start on looking and feeling great again?

Welcome to the Awaken Slimmer program, where we use the Nutrient Body Sculpting System to help you slim your body and lighten your heart.

Slimmer Silhouette® Body Sculpting System offers a high-grade proprietary MINERAL and MICRONUTRIENT solution that effectively reduces inches while offering a host of other benefits. This is NOT what you think of as a typical body wrap.

This unique mineral delivery “System” provides a number of benefits such as helping pull out impurities from the body, improving skin’s condition, look and feel, reducing cellulite, tightening, firming and toning effects and enhanced overall appearance and well-being.

The “System” is designed to hydrate the body. Body wraps have typically been used at spas, resorts, and high end salons; however, they are designed to dehydrate the body in order to achieve the desired effect.

Slimmer Silhouette® Body Sculpting System has a very different approach, and this is why most clients report longer lasting satisfaction with this system than anything else on the market.


Benefits include:

  • Tightening and toning of the skin
  • Improved body contour and curve definition – lifting thighs, buttocks, breasts
  • Minimized appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Relief from muscular tension and pressure in the joints
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • More restful sleep

Start looking and feeling better today!

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NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: Buy 4  $997 ($1,200 value)
Buy 8 get 4 free $2,400 ($3,600 value)

For people doing rapid weight loss, or whose goal is to lose over 40 pounds, 12 sessions can be like a non-surgical liposuction.

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  • "Within 2 weeks of starting the Higher Brain Living® program my wife noticed a difference in me".

    -JW Warr

  • "I really enjoyed the Higher Brain Living program with Stacey Lemire Martin. This system helped me access higher states of emotions, along with a plan for achieving my goals. This is a tool I can use every day to help create the life I want. Stacey is skilled and knowledgeable. She cares about serving others and is well equipped to help those who are coping with loss and grief. Stacey Lemire and Higher Brain Living are treasures!"

    -Ann Roberts

  • "The first thing I did was take inspired action in my body dimension. I found an integrated health practitioner, resulting in improved thyroid function and increased energy. I no longer feel chilled and I can sleep without socks again! I love reaching my goals with Higher Brain Living®."

    -Louis Brewer