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What is Healy?

Healy is the first smart phone controlled wearable bioenergetic healing device. When you turn it on, it scans your body, mind and spirit for areas that need support. Then it pulls frequencies from the encrypted Healy Cloud and introduces these targeted frequencies into the body using a variety of electrodes.   

Healy is  FDA approved for the relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion in a non-toxic and safe manner. These targeted frequencies work at the cellular level and have changed the lives of tens of thousands of people throughout the world.

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What can the Healy do for you?

When you schedule a Healy Session with Awaken Austin you will sit back in a relaxing chair and be hooked up to the Healy Resonance that has access to 144,000 healing frequencies.  It’s a 2 inch square device that hooks onto your shirt. After a thorough but quick scan, your practitioner will connect appropriate electrodes for you to receive the targeted healing or pain relieving frequencies.  The session will last approximately 60 minutes and during that time you can meditate, read a book or fall asleep while the Healy Resonance revitalizes your body.  

Schedule a Healy session

Contact us to schedule a Healy Session.

If you prefer to purchase a Healy please contact Awaken Austin, an official Healy distributor, or visit our SHOP page. Frequency medicine is nothing new. Stacey Lemire has been using a Class 2 Medical device called SCIO/EPFX as certified Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner for over 15 years. That device cost $20k back in the day. But the fact that now this kind of technology can be accessed by everybody in the comfort of their home, and not only in a certified practitioner’s office, is a game changer. Every family should have at least one Healy.  There are 4 different editions. Each one uses the same hardware but differs in their access to healing frequencies.  Awaken Austin uses the Healy Resonance during Healy Sessions which will give you access to all 144,000 healing frequencies. Please contact us to help you decide which edition is best for you or to schedule a Healy session to try the device. A modified Healy session can also be added to any massage! See details when you book.


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