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Discover how Source Code Meditation allows you to hack evolution through Higher Brain activation

Source Code Meditation provides you with a simplified step-by-step guided process, derived and distilled from the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated philosophy called ‘Integral Metatheory’.

Source Code Meditation is a way for you to activate latent energy in your body.  As a result, awakening your Higher Brain, enlightening your mind and setting your heart on fire to create a new life and a new world. This is done with an online program, at home, on your own, without facilitation*.

Once you break through to new levels of consciousness and capabilities, you will be able to achieve your fullest potential and reach new levels of fulfillment, purpose and meaning in your life.

Furthermore, you can be a part of the leading edge community that has set their hearts on fire to create this consciously evolving lifestyle. This online course will take you through the 9 Summits of Transformation beginning with…Read More

*Facilitation is available to amplify your practice if you choose, and it is not necessary for success.


  • "Within 2 weeks of starting the Higher Brain Living® program my wife noticed a difference in me".

    -JW Warr

  • "I really enjoyed the Higher Brain Living program with Stacey Lemire Martin. This system helped me access higher states of emotions, along with a plan for achieving my goals. This is a tool I can use every day to help create the life I want. Stacey is skilled and knowledgeable. She cares about serving others and is well equipped to help those who are coping with loss and grief. Stacey Lemire and Higher Brain Living are treasures!"

    -Ann Roberts

  • "The first thing I did was take inspired action in my body dimension. I found an integrated health practitioner, resulting in improved thyroid function and increased energy. I no longer feel chilled and I can sleep without socks again! I love reaching my goals with Higher Brain Living®."

    -Louis Brewer