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I thought I was losing my mind again.

For years I had been trying to use my mind to heal my mind. I made huge advancements at first – healing my body of all the toxicity and health challenges created by pharmaceutical drugs. After only 3 years I was able to get rid of 90% of my health issues, heal my liver, drop 80 pounds, and throw away all pharmaceuticals. That is when I began the process to completely heal bipolar disorder. That was in 1999.

Then life happened. 2006, 2008, and 2012 were pivotal years, rocking my world with loss and grief – eventually beyond what I was capable of handling on my own. By the time I met Dr. Cotton in April 2013 dissociative behaviors had returned and anxiety had become a new companion. My tools no longer worked. I was losing my mind all over again.

I know without a doubt the incredible advancements I’ve received in the quality and texture of my life could not have even been possible without Higher Brain Living. I will never return to the old ways again. In fact, it would be impossible to do so as evidenced by the way I’ve been able to thrive through the emotional and financial squeeze of my beloved’s cancer this past year.

If you are constantly trying to create inspiring, positive thoughts, but lower quality thoughts continue their incessant, spontaneous flow into your consciousness, you are fighting an uphill battle.

The higher brain state produced through Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation, is in direct association with higher order thoughts. When metabolism increases in the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the quality of your thoughts begin to shift.

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  • "Within 2 weeks of starting the Higher Brain Living® program my wife noticed a difference in me".

    -JW Warr

  • "I really enjoyed the Higher Brain Living program with Stacey Lemire Martin. This system helped me access higher states of emotions, along with a plan for achieving my goals. This is a tool I can use every day to help create the life I want. Stacey is skilled and knowledgeable. She cares about serving others and is well equipped to help those who are coping with loss and grief. Stacey Lemire and Higher Brain Living are treasures!"

    -Ann Roberts

  • "The first thing I did was take inspired action in my body dimension. I found an integrated health practitioner, resulting in improved thyroid function and increased energy. I no longer feel chilled and I can sleep without socks again! I love reaching my goals with Higher Brain Living®."

    -Louis Brewer