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Reduce Pain. Recover from Injury. Increase Flexibility. 
Learn how you can take care of YOUR Body and stay healthy!

 Massage Therapy &
Full Body Stretching

The stress of living in today’s environmentally, financially and emotionally complicated world can lead to many pressures on the body systems, resulting in:

* Lowered immune system
* Allergies
* Repetative Use Inuries
* Muscle aches and chronic pain
* Low performance and poor focus
*Overuse syndrome
*Emotional ups and downs such as depression and anxiety

  • Having a massage with me is a holistic experience. As a professor of massage therapy with over 25 years of body education and massage therapy experience, combined with my training as a stretch and neuro coach, I am able to get a clear picture of what’s happening in your body and how it relates to your daily living, habits and thinking. I then design a session that will bring you the ability to successfully resolve your challenges and allow the body to bring itself back into balance*.

    *We do not diagnose or treat illness and disease or perform procedures for which a license in medicine, (including chiropractic, physical therapy, podiatry and psychology) is required. Individual results will vary.


    Our services

    Taking care of you since 1998

  • Relaxation Massage Therapy
    60 and 90 Minute Sessions

  • I put the "ahhhh" back in massage.

    I love my position as a Professor of Massage Therapy, and working with students new to the profession keeps me fresh and updated on all the latest techniques and research. And my true love is relaxation massage. It's my opportunity to really listen to your body and give the muscles the deep relief they are asking for. If you like a deeper, more profound relaxing pressure in an area, you can always ask for more. Deep Tissue massage is also available for pain and recovery.

  • Spa Services Included
    No Hidden or Extra Fees

  • You may be coming back from an injury or need a lot of clinical work, and that doesn't mean you need to feel like you are in a doctor's office. If you just want to relax and that requires some extra attention, you don't have to pay the price of an a la carte spa! If you need additional treatments, such as essential oils for breathing, cupping, Gua Sha, Hot Himalayan salt stones or hot towels to release fascia and to feel better, these things are included in the session when necessary. If you wish, you can select a full hot stone or cupping massage for a small additional charge.

  • Stretching and Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

  • When you have an injury or overuse challenge, I am here to handle all your musculoskeletal needs. From carpal tunnel symptoms to low back pain and all the tight muscles in between, I've got you covered!* You will be amazed at how my deep tissue massage has nothing to do with pressure and takes away pain without causing any discomfort to do it! Many clients have expressed their delight that I "bring the magic" to relieve their pain. If multiple sessions are necessary, discounts can be applied to make your financial life less stressful. These are 90 minute sessions and you will need to bring sweats or yoga pants for a portion of the table work.

  • Coaching

  • A diagnosis is not a life sentence!* In 1991 I was diagnosed with an affective disorder and placed on anti-depressants. Within a year, I had long list of diagnosed diseases, took a fist full of pharmaceutical medications and weighed over 220 pounds. By the time I started teaching massage, I was down 50 pounds and began to reduce my medications. By the time I was medication free, I weighed 140 pounds and that is where I remain today. A healthy, fit, and joy-filled woman in her 60's. My years of mastering my emotions and my mind and mastery training in NLP and Hypnosis give me the tools to help you on your journey to health. Join the Facebook Page

    *We do not diagnose or treat illness and disease or perform procedures for which a license in medicine, (including chiropractic, physical therapy, podiatry and psychology) is required. Individual results will vary.



    Stacey Lemire, LMT, LMTI, MNLP, ChP

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor TDLR Licenses: MT019324; MI0924

    Awaken Austin is my business name.  I have been active in the Austin massage therapy community since 1996 when, as a student at the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (TLC) in Austin, Texas, I became president of the local Austin Chapter and ByLaws Chair of the Texas State Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). I first began teaching at TLC in 1999 then in 2006 became a Professor of Massage Therapy at Austin Community College where I still teach Beginning Swedish and Advanced Massage Therapy Technique, Pathology, Sanitation and Professional Business Ethics. 

    I also have a unique holistic private practice in my cat friendly home in South Austin. 


    Ready to relax?

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    Location & Contact

  • 2101 Crownspoint Drive
    Austin, TX 78748

  • 1 (512) 769-4345

  • This is a cat friendly South Austin Home and an official Airbnb.

    Client parking is available in the driveway on the right side next to the small tree. Please call if you have any questions.

    What Our Clients Say

    Those who have musculoskeletal problems, become a regular instantly. Read below what they have to say and see  more live reviews on Google:

    Review Us

    Stacey is phenomenal! Very professional yet caters to your need on a personal level. She takes the time to understand and identify what the ailment is and has a myriad of "tools" in her "tool box" to start the relieve and invigorating therapy. I would highly suggest Stacey if you want a fun outgoing personality with charm and wit and mad skills to help you get back to feeling ghreat!

    Brad W.

    I had the best experience! Stacey gives the best massages and works out the problem areas. I had the pleasure of getting a massage from Stacey years ago and it was the best massage ever. She actually fixed my neck pain in one session back then. My life got crazy and Stacey moved locations and I lost track of her. When my life settled I searched high and low until I found her again and her massages are just as great as ever. My monthly massage session with her is something I look forward to and is a highlight of my month.

    Irene C.

    Stacey is a fantastic massage therapist and flexologist. I developed some severe back issues last year. Stacey was the only person who could consistently relive my back pain and tightness. There were a lot of ways to make my back worse and only a few ways to help. Stacey always got it right. See Stacey. You won't regret it.

    Deep S.